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Cristalmood Collection

Resistant like stone and transparent like crystal ,Cristalmood is a resin of Antoniolupi's own creation that is manually poured into molds. Once extracted, the objects must be finished manually by sanding them to remove all imperfections both inside and out. As if it were made of stone, each product is unique, the slight differences in color, size, it proceed to the sanding and polishing which are carried out manually in order to remove the imperfections and give brightness to the object. The final stage consists then in a protective fixative

It is composed of high quality polyester resin and coloring pigments; has passed the anti-corrosion tests (salt spray) and can be cleaned with all the most common detergents. Thanks to the composition, objects made from Cristalmood weigh about 30% less than those made with solid surfaces

The latest collaboration between Andrea Lupi and Gumdesign gives life to 3 new colors: CERULEO, OLEO and GRAN CRU, that bring the palette to a total of 13 shades


Borghi was born from the combination of two materials, a natural cork base and a Cristalmood sink, it stands out because the combinations are unexpected, but above all the contrasts between materials, textures and shades.